The Daily 6: Is Tumblr More Popular for TV Talk?

The Daily 6

1) Is Tumblr the more popular network for TV talk?

Tumblr Study Says It Has More Social TV Activity Than Twitter

Slide from Pulsar study on Tumblr + TV

"Twitter got its ad business off the ground by selling marketers on the premise that its service complements TV, and now it appears that Tumblr is treading a similar path."


2) Learn from your mistakes...and from other people's mistakes, too.

What brands should learn from General Mills’ Facebook fiasco


"Last week, consumers sounded the alarm when General Mills decided to update the legal terms on its website by adding an arbitration clause. First reported by The New York Times in a piece called “When ‘Liking’ a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue,” the new terms appeared to cost consumers their right to sue in court if they merely “liked” General Mills’ social media pages, downloaded coupons from its website or entered any company-sponsored contests."


3) Well, now that pot is legal in a couple states...

Is Pot-Related Marketing The Next Big Gold Rush?

"On the high holiday yesterday—4/20, that is—my friend and PR client Jason Hairston, the young entrepreneur behind the übersuccessful Nugget Spot in New York City, happily shared an article on Facebook. It was a Thrillist roundup of the city’s top 32 places to cure the holiday munchies."


4) Is it too soon for Google Glass?

Starwood Hotels Testing Google Glass App, but Is It Too Early?


"Starwood Hotels is preparing to launch a version of its SPG app for Google Glass, which, per the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is one of the first of its kind for the device. Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide will soon release its Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) app for Google Glass, calling it "the first of its kind from a hospitality company."


5) What are you not taking advantage of?

5 Undeniable Benefits Of Social Media That Businesses Are Not Maximizing

"Clearly social media is important. But unless you know why social media is important, then you will fail to maximize its potential as an effective sales tool."


6) Design for conversion, not just for design.

The 7 Principles of Conversion Centered Design [SlideShare]

"In order to hit lofty lead and customer goals, marketers rely on creating well-optimized site pages, landing pages, and calls-to-action. But what happens when creating those -- and optimizing them through some A/B testing of form length, button copy, etc. -- isn't enough?"


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The Daily 6: Happy Earth Day!

The Daily 6

1) Wishing you a Happy Earth Day!

Google Marks Earth Day 2014 With 6 Animated Animal Logos, Including a Hummingbird

Google Doodle Earth Day Rufous Hummingbird

"For Google's annual salute to Earth Day in 2014, the company has incorporated a series of six animals – the Rufous hummingbird, dung beetle, moon jellyfish, Japanese macaque, puffer fish, and veiled chameleon – into various animated logos."


2) For mobile payments, there could be trouble ahead.

Online, Mobile Payments See Turmoil and Opportunity

Online Mobile Payments See Turmoil and Opportunity 300x300 Online, Mobile Payments See Turmoil and Opportunity

"Online bill payment continues to see strong overall adoption, though usage has decreased slightly for a second year in a row. Nearly three quarters of consumers (70.0%) reported using electronic bill payment, either directly through a biller’s site or through a consolidator like an online banking site."


3) With Nike's FuelBand bowing out, what lessons can we learn?

What are the lessons from Nike FuelBand?

"If the reports are true, Nike is rethinking its strategy as a manufacturer of wearable computing devices, notably its 2-year-old FuelBand activity monitor. Nike itself has equivocated on the matter."


4) While it's touch to prove immediate ROI, social media is part of a greater marketing good.

Social Media Marketing is all about Building Relationships

"Having a successful social media campaign can be achieved by building relationships. By doing so, a business can create a lasting interaction with its customers, according to David Dubois, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Marketing and Marcus Ho, co-founder of Social Metric."


5) How are you visually engaging your audiences? 

5 Best Practices for a Visual Content Marketing Strategy

"Today’s consumer is engaging with primarily visual content across a variety of devices and social channels on a daily basis. Due to this shift from text-based to image-based communications, it is proven that multimedia content experiences a greater amount of exposure and longer shelf-life among audiences, making visual storytelling more imperative for brands than ever before. Business Development Institute and PR Newswire recently co-hosted the “Visual Content Marketing and Communications Summit” which offered valuable best practices for how organizations can harness images, videos, and platforms to provide content that allows them to build, engage, and leverage their audiences."


6) Hold on to your customers - for life.

How are companies trying to increase customer lifetime value?

"Customer lifetime value matters, so how are companies attempting to improve retention rates? Our recent Customer Lifetime Value: Building Loyalty and Driving Revenue in the Digital Age report (produced with the help of Sitecore) has one answer: improving customer experience."


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The Daily 6: How Much Do You Trust Your Brands?

The Daily 6

1) Would you spend money on Doritos when you don't even know what flavor you're buying?

Doritos 'Mystery' Flavors Will Test Consumer Loyalty

Mystery flavors.

"Beginning Saturday, the PepsiCo-owned snack marketer will sell three new flavors of its Doritos Jacked tortilla chips in special "mystery" packaging. The mostly silver-colored packs come in three different versions using red, yellow and blue color splashes along with a generic-looking "batch number." The packs reveal very little else about the flavors inside."


2) Brands are #BostonStrong, too.

Brands want you to know they too are #BostonStrong

View image on Twitter

"Brands are still finding their way in social media. At times, the rush to be relevant and “human” runs up against the boundaries of good taste especially when it comes to how marketers handle tragic occasions."


3) Lancome goes Quid Pro Quo with their loyalty program.

Lancôme Gives Points for Social Media in New Loyalty Program


"Of course, acquisition and retention are based on consumer engagement, so Lancôme Elite Rewards will leverage what Rossi says is a deep well of content that's already available on different channels to increase engagement with the brand. The program will allow the brand to analyze which content is most engaging."


4) Think Twitter's a waste of your time? Think again.

5 Reasons Every Professional Should Use Twitter

5 Reasons Every Professional Should Use Twitter image iStock 000016207262Small 300x199

"It is my belief that fear keeps most professionals from taking advantage of all that Twitter has to offer.  For those that seek to challenge themselves and overcome fears, Twitter is the place to be.  Here are five reasons why every professional may find value in participating on Twitter."


5) The hidden gems of LinkedIn

11 Incredibly Useful LinkedIn Features You Might Not be Using

"We often hear marketing and sales reps expressing their love / hate relationship with LinkedIn. Are you one who views the site as social stalking for business professionals? If you’re a user that only checks the site to look up a prospect’s credentials or check a connection request email, you are missing valuable opportunities to grow professionally, grow your sales leads and ultimately, grow your business."


6) Don't let a bad review get you down

Countering Bad Reviews Through Effective Digital Marketing

"It happens all the time: The hard-working crew at a small business loses customers thanks to the sour grapes of one person. It could be a disgruntled employee, an angry customer or even a competitor."


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The Daily 6: Will the Classroom Move to the Cloud?

The Daily 6

1) No more belt around the books, soon they'll all have iPads

Mobile Education Market Growing Faster Than Anticipated

"Teachers need to adopt a creative approach in order to make the learning process more interesting than ever before. Students are exposed to mobile phones, internet, and other digital media at a very young age and education these days also needs to use similar digital tools. Therefore, schools need to adopt state-of-the-art methods in order to engage students,” says Faisal Ghaus, Vice President of TechNavio Research."


2) Sure fire way to tap customer emotions? Babies.

Mitsubishi Plays Emotive Card in #FirstRide Videos

"To emphasize the safety features of its 2014 Outlander model, Mitsubishi created a series of videos showing newborn babies taking their #FirstRide home from the hospital."


3) Yahoo wants to be your default instead of Google

Yahoo Wants Google's Spot as the Default iOS Search Engine

Yahoo iOS Search

"While it has been common knowledge that Yahoo wants to get back into the search game, many believe that Yahoo is just too far behind in order to get any inroads into search. However, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's chief executive (CEO), is looking to attack it head on by becoming Apple's default search provider in iOS, Re/code reports."


4) What brought Samsung up to #1?

Samsung Executive Says Marketing Drove Phone Sales to No. 1

"In the trial, Apple has argued that Samsung became a world leader in the mobile handset business by copying features of its iPhones and iPads, violating patents along the way. On Monday, Samsung called one of the company’s top marketing executives to the stand to argue that strong marketing was the major driver of sales."


5) Hit a wall? Out of ideas?

9 Ways to Generate Content Ideas

"The short answer is that you should write about the things you know about and have experience with. Yet, even that answer can leave you scratching your head trying to come up with content ideas."


6) Great examples of responsive design

Eight record stores that need responsive design, plus two that are brilliant

"Last year while stood in the queue for hours researching other record shops on my mobile phone, I was struck at how poor some of these sites look on mobile devices. Most of my favourite independent record stores run excellent and comprehensive desktop websites, but almost all of them have ignored the mobile user."


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The Daily 6: Yes, Men DO Use Pinterest...

The Daily 6

1) Yes, men use Pinterest. Just to name a few...

Ladies… Meet the men of Pinterest


"Pinterest provided Digiday with a list of 10 of its most-engaged and engaging male users. Curalate — a firm that analyzes the effectiveness of photos on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr — then ranked each user’s influence by taking their average number of repins per post and dividing that figure by their number of followers."


2) Concept of a breakfast taco still killin' it

Taco Bell Scores with Morning Marketing Efforts

Taco Bell Scores with Morning Marketing Efforts 254x300 Taco Bell Scores with Morning Marketing Efforts

"On March 27th, 2014, breakfast changed forever in the United States. And no one is feeling the sting of this A.M. shift in the fast food culinary war like McDonalds. This week, new polling data showed that consumers now favor Taco Bell’s breakfast menu to the classic morning staples offered by McDonalds."


3) Peeling back the many layers of ecommerce...

25 effective design patterns for ecommerce site search results

"There is a lot that retailers can do on search results pages to make the route from search to purchase as smooth as possible. First of all, results should be accurate and relevant to the query, but presentation of the information is all important."


4) Better tracking, better knowledge, better marketing

Kimberly-Clark Gets Serious With Its Digital-Coupon Tracking

"Now, Kimberly-Clark Co. is looking to end the data blindness that comes from selling most of its products through retailers. The company is building its own deal database and CRM programs through Revtrax, a promotion-analytics firm."


5) While Instagram was born on mobile, Facebook may be moving further away from the desktop.

Facebook’s Future is Mobile Marketing: Messenger is the Only Way to Chat on Mobile

"Facebook’s latest announcement has come as a bit of a shock to it’s users. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp in February made me think about the future of Facebook Messenger and I wasn’t wrong to think that they would separate Facebook’s iOS and Android app from it’s messaging feature. What does this mean for Facebook? Mobile Marketing."


6) Google: Always testing the next big thing

Google Testing In-Store Conversions Tied to AdWords Ads

"AdWords advertisers and brick-and-mortar business owners may be on the verge of something very exciting. Looks like Google is testing a way to effectively bridge the gap between online activity and in-store purchases."


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The Daily 6: The Power of Online Video

The Daily 6

1) Things we forget about online video

16 Facts About Video Marketing That Will Keep You Up At Night

16 Facts About Video Marketing That Will Keep You Up At Night image Late Night

"Video marketing is climbing in popularity because companies are realising how useful it can be to communicate with customers in new, more personal ways. If you haven’t been thinking about using video to market your brand, now is the time."


2) Constantly changing consumer trends...

The top 4 consumer trends you need to know

"Trends are driven by basic consumer needs and desires (think Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs), coupled with short-term or long-term cultural shifts, driven by economic undulations, new technology development, politics, or even popular culture. With consumer behavior and preferences changing faster than ever, businesses are seeking to regularly research, understand, and apply consumer behavior trends to digital marketing efforts."


3) Snapchat movie for product marketing

Snapchat 'Live Film' Introduces Taco Bell's Next Locos Taco

"The chain is announcing the latest in the Doritos Locos Taco line in just as lengthy a format: a four to six-minute-long movie ephermal app Snapchat. Taco Bell said a film of length is a first for Snapchat, which is known for seconds-long messages that disappear after they're viewed. The new taco will be available May 1, with TV, radio and additional forms of advertising launching then, but the social media campaign is kicking off today."


4) Google makes its way into the government 

'Let Me Google That For You' Bill Introduced to U.S. Senate

"A bipartisan bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate under the unlikely but wonderful title, "Let Me Google That For You". The bill, sponsored by Senators Tom Coburn and Claire McCaskill, has the purpose "To streamline the collection and distribution of government information" and proposes that the government prioritize searching for information via the Internet."


5) Are we experiencing digital overload?

The evolutionary psychology of digital clutter

"The dream of tech companies is to knit together a seamless, integrated system for our gadgets, phones and TVs that works for humans and one data pool that assists marketers. This is why Amazon, Apple and Google keep attempting to build a single interface to rule the digital screens spread throughout your home. The only problem: Humans don’t want that."


6) But what about Google Glass?

Is Google Creating a Pain in the Glass?

"What exactly is Google thinking? That’s what some industry analysts and marketing professionals are asking in response to the news that Google will make its wearable technology called Google Glass available to the public for one day only this week – Tuesday, April 15th."


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The Daily 6: The Twitters That Don't Tweet

The Daily 6

1) So many Twitter accounts, though not as many tweets...

44% Of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent A Tweet

44% Of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent A Tweet image Twitter Users Are Fake 4 out of 10 Times

"Twitter has amassed a mammoth number of users and nearly half of them have never sent a single tweet. A new study suggests that 44% of of all accounts have never sent out a message from the micro-blogging platform. Twopcharts, a site that monitors Twitter account activity, reported the data. Shortly after that finding a Twitter representative said the social network does not comment on third-party findings."


2) Facebook aims to kill spammy accounts, updates

Facebook Update Targets News Feed Spam: Posts 'Explicitly' Asking for Likes, Comments, Shares

"Now Facebook seems to be directly targeting marketers that are overusing particular marketing strategies, similar to how we've seen Google make changes to their algorithm target and penalize SEO tactics that moved from an acceptable tactic to a spammy tactic."


3) How far have we come?

Mobile Payments: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

"When leaving the house over the past decade, a typical person’s checklist has morphed from “keys and wallet”, to “phone, keys and wallet” to “smart phone, keys… and do I really need my wallet?” With the evolution and growth of mobile payment solutions, now more than ever, you can cross “wallet” off of your mental checklist."


4) What does the future hold for retail?

The future of retail in 5 charts

"Physical retail in the U.S. deals in trillions of dollars, while e-commerce dabbles in mere hundreds of billions. Americans are expected to spend $304.1 billion and $4.1 trillion on e-commerce and physical retail, respectively, in 2014. By 2017, those figures are expecting to increase to $440.4 billion and nearly $4.9 trillion, according to eMarketer."


5) Don't blend in with the rest

4 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Pack

"What makes content compelling? Many blogs rehash the same information shared countless other places by adding a bit of their own style. But for the most part, the story, commentary, and information don't vary much from blog to blog."


6) The famous Oscar selfie tweet--yes, we're still talking about it.

Fact Check: Was Samsung's selfie really worth a billion?

"It was the tweet heard around the world, but was it worth $1 billion?"


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The Daily 6: Instagram is King Among Teens

The Daily 6

1) We believe it. Don't you?

Instagram Surpasses Facebook And Twitter Usage Among Teens (Study)

Instagram Surpasses Facebook And Twitter Usage Among Teens (Study) image Instagram Surpasses Facebook And Twitter Usage Among Teens

"For the study, 7,500 teens – with a mean age of 16.4 – rated the top three social networks Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in terms of importance. Piper Jaffray analysts determined Instagram toppled the two social media giants in popularity among teenagers, but not to worry, Facebook and Twitter are still used by the whipper-snappers."


2) Marketing is always on. Are you?

Turn Your Smartphone into a Lean, Mean Marketing Machine

"Have you ever wondered how some corporate Twitter accounts make customer engagement look so effortless? Or how a marketer seems to be posting meaningful updates on Facebook while speaking at a user conference at the same time?"


3) "I want to buy this! Jk I'm out."

Six tactics for reducing cart abandonment rates

"Cart abandonment is cutting into profits for retailers, as 68% of carts are left behind before the purchase is complete. While retailers can do little about some of the motives, they can ensure that the abandonment rates are kept to a minimum."


4) Wow. This guy is impressive.

Meet the Michelangelo of Snapchat

"These days there are YouTube stars, Vine celebs and Instagram influencers who have built up huge social followings on these platforms thanks to their output of fun, entertaining visual and video content — and it’s no surprise that brands often tap these power users to help make branded content too. But what about Snapchat heroes?"


5) The success of social segmenting.

Segmented Social Marketing Grows MGM Revenues by 300 Percent

"MGM uses social media data to get the right offer to the right customer, whether they're a big spender or a penny-saver. And social advertising has grown revenues 300 percent over the last three years."


6) Not your average lemonade stand.

Free Tablet Payment Solution Comes to Retail

"This week, PayAnywhere may have effectively upped the ante in mobile payments by launching its first ever free touchscreen tablet and stand with built-in credit card reader."


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No Daily 6 Today. ...April Fools!!

The Daily 6: Great Content Daily  - Even April Fools' Day

1) The best tricks on the web today...

April Fools’ 2014: The Round-Up Of The Best

"Yesterday morning, The Google Maps’ team tugged at the heart strings of every geek around the world by debuting a teaser for a video game they’ll never actually release: a live-action, augmented reality Pokemon game."


2) Well this is a WHOLE new level of engagement...

Jagermeister Wants Millennials to Create JagerBonds While Drinking Jagerbombs


"Spirit brand Jagermeister has released its first mobile app, JagerBonds, which it says uses images and videos from multiple users' social media posts to create a video highlight reel of a group's night out."


3) Own a restaurant? You better be on mobile.

Restaurant Marketing Now Fully Mobile

Restaurant Marketing Now Fully Mobile 283x300 Restaurant Marketing Now Fully Mobile

"In 2014, if your restaurant isn’t marketing to patrons on mobile, you’re losing customers by the day – whether you realize it or not.
As a result, countless restaurant owners are warmly embracing mobile marketing and menu features as a way to attract and retain avid restaurant-goers."


4) Instagram Videos - Brands are killing it.

12 of the best branded Instagram videos of March 2014

washington post instagram

"There were some brilliant Instagram campaigns in March. One of the most encouraging success stories was WaterAid’s single Instagram video submission to a ‘weekend hashtag project’ leading to an increase in 22,000 followers in just two weeks."


5) Social + Ecommerce creates an unstoppable force.

Social Combined with eCommerce Empowers Smaller Brands to Compete Globally

"For eleven consecutive quarters, eCommerce sales have experienced double-digit growth. Thanks in part to mobile device proliferation and social media, eCommerce is in the midst of a major renaissance. Social networks specifically have altered the way eCommerce brands go about marketing online. Such disruption has resulted in a new model for online retail referred to as social eCommerce."


6) Don't settle when it comes to social.

How to Play in the Social Media Big Leagues: Stats From 27 All-Stars

"Working in social media can be like playing baseball: you need the right lineup, an audience that loves you, and an intimate knowledge of the rules to win. But like baseball, not all aspiring social media pros will make it to the big leagues. Social media marketing is still a relatively young field."



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Sounding Off: Audio Evokes Haunting Mood for HBO's "True Detective"

The first season of HBO's hit new crime drama True Detective has been well-received by audiences with widespread acclaim from critics.The Atlantic called the series "the best show on TV" and TIME called it a "tour-de-force."1  

Definition 6's audio and post-production team in our NYC studio jumped at the opportunity to work on the highly-anticipated new series' trailer for HBO. The show follows two homicide detectives investigating a series of serial killings in southern Louisiana. The swampy, Southern Gothic vibe and dark plot requires more than just cinematography -- it requires a special artistry in audio to sustain. 

Haunting, atmospheric, mournful, evocative, unsettling: Using audio to evoke an ominous mood.

"The audio for the trailer was important in creating the ominous feeling that the spot has," explained Definition 6's Senior Audio Engineer Michael Barrett. "We wanted to use both the music as well as the sound design to build up tension as we see the characters and hear them set up the general story. We used a lot of low dramatic hits, but ultimately it culminates in a shocking drop out to silence before coming back with McConaughey's great line: '…and like a lot of dreams, there's a monster at the end of it'." 


(1st trailer for HBO's "True Detective")

Definition 6's Managing Partner Rob Ortiz said about the project, "Zachary Lee and Chris Denniston from HBO were the producers of the trailer. They wanted the music to drive it, so that was our approach when working on the audio for the trailer. The big thing about this show is that it's an HBO show with two A-list actors committing to it -- Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson."

Over the years, we have had opportunities to do many different types of work for HBO, from website production to social media, from post-production to purely audio work. Under pressure with a tight turnaround to deliver big results, the post-production team led by Mike Barrett pulled together and delivered results exceeding expectations. HBO used the trailer to build anticipation last fall for the show's premiere on January 12th. The first trailer for the show received overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback across social media:

kevinbrueck: "There's a reason this has zero dislikes. Pure awesome."

jahoolie2: "probably the only trailer i've ever re-watched straight after the first go. this looks so f***ing great"

MahabubMithun: "OMG...this s**t looks cool. HBO is always come up with something extraordinary."  


The first season has earned widespread attention and a rapidly growing fan base over the past two months. The finale airs March 9th. Don't miss out! Tune in to HBO Sundays at 9pm EST.

The audio work for HBO was led by Definition 6's Michael Barrett, our esteemed Senior Audio Engineer who has won multiple Emmy Awards for his sound mixing work for Sesame Street. The first trailer turned out so well, we ended up working on the third trailer, produced by Daniel Zibulsky, as well:




To see more of Michael Barrett's multiple Emmy award-winning work, which includes sound designing and mixing for both long form and commercials, view his reel.


Want to learn more about all the things Definition 6 can do for you? Contact us!



The Daily 6: Super Bowl Stories, News, and Predictions

The Daily 6: Great Content, Curated Daily

Welcome to Definition 6's Daily 6. We curate the internet's best digital marketing news, and post it right here, daily.


1) Go ahead, try to ban our ad--we'll make it go VIRAL!

Fox Bans SodaStream Super Bowl Ad Featuring Scarlett Johansson: Plan Backfires Ad Goes Viral

"If you didn’t hear, Fox decided not to allow a commercial from the “Make your own Soda” company SodaStream as they were reportedly concerned that Coke and Pepsi would be upset. The result of the ban from the television network was the video went viral in a big way. Within just hours of the ban reportedly more than 1.8 million people visited the companies advertisement on YouTube effectively making the ban into an aggregator rather than deterrent."


2) We don't know who will win the big game Sunday, but we do know which team is winning in search traffic.

Seahawks Beat Broncos 33-17 in Battle of Bing Search Volume by State

"Of the 17 states where the Broncos won on search volume, the Broncos had the most search volume at home in Colorado (85 percent), followed by neighbor Wyoming (77 percent), South Dakota (66 percent), and Indiana (64 percent), where Peyton Manning played for the Indianapolis Colts for 13 seasons prior to joining the Broncos two seasons ago after a year out of football due to a neck injury."


3) It's in the Daily 6 every day, people, Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Starbucks Shuffles Management to Turn Focus to Digital

"Get ready for some digital experimentation from Starbucks. CEO Howard Schultz has shaken up the upper ranks of his company and also announced that he’ll be working more closely with Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman and Chief Strategy Officer Matt Ryan on "next generation retailing and payments initiatives," according to the Wall Street Journal."


4) These days you can find out just about anything about just about anyone

We Know What You'll Be Eating During the Super Bowl [Infographic]

"Hunches are good, but data is better, so says best-selling author Dan Pink. And in a world of big data and sophisticated analytics, why would you even want to go on a hunch, especially when there’s so much great data available?"


5) Despite rumors of its demise, Facebook still seeing success

Facebook Stock Soars on Mobile Ad Gains

"Mobile engagement is on a tear, driving all of those gains in respective revenue. On mobile, daily active users nearly doubled year-over-year to 556 million and monthly active users increased 39 percent to 945 million. Overall, daily active users jumped 22 percent to 757 million, while monthly active users grew by 16 percent over the same period to 1.23 billion."


6) Will you be on your smartphone during the big game? I probably will be.

IAB: The Big Game is a Big Day for Mobile

"The findings of a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by the IAB show that, regardless of whether the Broncos or Seahawks win, it’s already evident who will steal the show on Super Bowl Sunday – your smartphone."


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Promoting the Launch of CMT's Party Down South on Social and in a City Near You

JESUS, DUCT TAPE, OR WHISKEY? COME PARTY WITH US, Y'ALL! Tonight CMT is launching a new show called Party Down South, a Southern version of the reality show Jersey ShoreDefinition 6 had the opportunity to help CMT promote their new show with shareable media, engaging social content, and live events.

Party Down South Bottoms Up!
  • In the first two weeks of promotion by our social team, the Facebook page grew from 0 to nearly 60,000 fans
  • On the day of the show's premiere, the number of fan likes has soared to over 150,000
  • Live event promotion reached 5,000 people in the target demographic 


The Challenge: Start the Party

Because the show is new, we were tasked with getting the attention of the show's target audience and establishing a fan base from scratch. In the two months leading up to the show's premiere, we built a content calendar and planned engaging posts while our creative team designed memes and images for social media. To support the show's launch, our team developed and launched a mobile-friendly microsite, established and promoted the Facebook page, and hosted events in key Southern cities.

Shareable Media: Jesus, Duct Tape, or Whiskey?

Definition 6 developed and launched a microsite that shows fans a photo from the show and encourages them to vote on which of those three things -- Jesus, duct tape, or whiskey -- can “fix” the situation from the show. The amusing image and solution can then be shared across social media, encouraging a larger network to join in on the game.

Jesus, Duct Tape, or Whiskey? CMT Game

Engaging Social Content: How We Grew the Community on Facebook

The CMT Party Down South Facebook page was established and promoted to build the community base. The page flew from 0 to nearly 60,000 fans in just two weeks. More than 100,000 unique social media users are talking about Party Down South today.

Just in time for the Party Down South premiere, the page has already climbed to over 150,000 likes. Definition 6 has developed for CMT social content like memes, GIFs, and shareable graphics to be shared across networks on Facebook and Twitter. All of this content is being used to drum up interest and build a fan base in advance of the show's premiere.

Party Down South memes

Hosting Live Events: Rallying the Target Demographic 

It would not be a party without free stuff. The Definition 6 social media team hosted 15 out-of-home events in key Southern cities in the few weeks prior to the premiere. We recruited and managed street teams to hand out promotional items in these markets, driving online conversations for the show.

Nearly 5,000 people in the target demographic have been reached through the out-of-home events so far by direct interaction, giving promotional items such as t-shirts, trucker hats, and beads, and capturing engagement via pictures and social posts.


Be sure to tune into Party Down South tonight on CMT at 10/9c. Y'all don't wanna miss this!


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Casting your Votes for the #iMediaAgencyAwards? See our picks!

It's time to vote! The finalists have been chosen for this year's iMedia Agency Awards, an industry awards show that honors agencies advancing digital marketing. Below are two campaigns we really loved.



Cast your votes here! (Psst, Definition 6 is nominated for Best Agency for Social Media)


"What is Working: Small Businesses" (Media Kitchen)

The Huffington Post and Goldman Sachs developed a new sponsored section to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed in a tough economy. The section, "What is Working: Small Businesses," features original content authored by Goldman Sachs from teaching business skills to participants of its 10,000 Small Businesses program. Additional content comes from the program's partners and graduates, thought leaders, news articles, and other independent contributors. The sponsored section aims to inspire, educate, and inform small business owners while also sharing great stories of entrepreneurship in the US.


Samsung's “Life’s A Photo. Take It.” (Starcom Media Vest)

For the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Camera, Samsung asked 32 photographers to show why their city was the most photogenic in the world. Photos were uploaded to a bottomless Tumblr page connected to Instagram and other social media networks where fans could vote for their favorites. The city with the most likes won a massive party in the photographers’ honor. The Tumblr campaign earned over 1 million clicks and the videos received 1.3 million YouTube views. After eight weeks of submissions, voters chose Berlin as the winner.
It's great to see talented and innovative marketers putting amazing work out there! Don't forget to head over to the iMedia website to cast your votes!



HBO's Game of Thrones and Definition 6 Win Big at OMMA Awards and Stevie Awards

Awards season may just be kicking off, but work by Definition 6 is already taking home the trophies. Game of Thrones' Join the Realm, an interactive experience created by Definition 6 and HBO, won both an OMMA Award and a Stevie Award this month.

For the 3rd year in a row, Definition 6 took home a Stevie Award from the American Business Awards. At the ceremony held in San Francisco earlier this month, Definition 6 and HBO's 'Join the Realm' was awarded the top award, a Gold Stevie. in the Entertainment app category. 


At the 8th annual OMMA Awards in New York City Monday, HBO won the category "Best Use of Fan Page" for Join the Realm. According to Ken Fadner, CEO of MediaPost, there was a record number of entries for 2013. “The quality of entries was stronger than ever, making selecting the finalists and winners exceedingly difficult.” 

HBO teamed up with Definition 6 to create Join the Realm for Game of Thrones. Join the Realm is an interactive experience that allows fans to create their own 'House Sigil' similar to those in the show and then download, share, and post it in a variety of formats on leading social networks. 

The tool can be used in 24 different languages and gives fans an interactive sigil editor to name their House, enter House Words, and choose from a variety of backgrounds, patterns, borders, colors, and icons. It can then be shared via Facebook cover photos and profile pictures, Twitter backgrounds, wallpapers, and Instagram photos. With Join the Realm, fans are able to create the house that most represents them. has had over 1.2 million visits and more than 750,000 sigils have been created by passionate fans in over 200 countries. Create your own sigil now on




The Wendy Williams Show Premieres Today with Major Rebrand by Definition 6, #feelitwendysept16


"Can you FEEL IT?" Fall may be in the air, but the real buzz is for today's premiere of the fifth season of The Wendy Williams Show. It's not just the start of a new season for Wendy -- it's the start of a new era for the show marked by a major rebrand by Definition 6. 

Kicking Off the Rebrand With a Viral Music Video

Just six weeks ago, Wendy teased her fans with a preview of the rebrand by releasing a full-length music video featuring the new theme song remix. The video has since gone viral, amassing over 150,000 views on YouTube and millions of impressions on Twitter and Facebook. Blogs ranging from Buzzfeed -- complete with mesmerizing GIFs -- to industry standards like NATPE and PromaxBDA's Brief praised the new video.

TV and radio host Max Tucci tweeted, "I love that @WendyWilliams is having the time of her life... You can see it in the new "Feel It" remix video! Super energy!"

Are You Ready to FEEL IT?

Definition 6 produced the remix by extending her short opening theme song into a full-length club version with choreographed dance. D6 sound designer Dan O'Sullivan recomposed the theme song to give it that DJ Tiesto feel and Creative Director Jamie Manalio directed the filming with over a hundred extras and seven cameras in Central Park.




“Wendy and her team loved the video!” says Rob Ortiz, Managing Director at Definition 6. “They loved it so much the full-length track was released on iTunes and it's the new opening theme song for her show.”


Today, fans will finally see the full extent of the rebrand as The Wendy Williams Show reveals a complete new look. The rebrand includes a full graphics package in addition to the memorable music video. 

Behind the Scenes: "Wendy Williams has taken over your TV screen and now she's taking over Central Park"

To build anticipation for today's reveal, the Wendy Williams team released last week a behind the scenes video highlighting the making of the "FEEL IT" music video. Definition 6 filmed, produced, edited, and mixed the video. 

The behind the scenes video includes interviews with key people on set, including famed choreographer Derek Mitchell, Definition 6's Rob Ortiz, Director Will Heins, and, of course, Wendy Williams. Wendy says, "I've worked very hard for this moment. This is season five. It's a big, big deal. Everybody's out here to support the season and I just feel very fortunate."


Definition 6 Pulls Out All the Stops for The Wendy Williams Show

Though this is the second year in a row Definition 6 has worked on the Wendy Williams image campaign with the Debmar-Mercury team, this is by far the biggest project done for them because it extended beyond promo work into several other areas of our expertise. This includes the music video, 30, 20, 15, and 10 sec spots, new theme song, images, mixing, editing, social media activation, and snippets for YouTube and Wendy’s various social media channels.

Editor John Gill ensured brand continuity with the work Definition 6 did previously for the season four campaign. As Expert-in-Residence Frank Radice said, "At Def6, we get it done!" -- and that is exactly what we did for the season five launch of The Wendy Williams Show.  

The fall season of The Wendy Williams Show premieres Monday, September 16. Watch the full length music video here.


Jekyll and Hyde: Decision Making and the London Commuter

Written by Holly Jeffrey-Goodall

The rush to get home is something that every commuter is familiar with, and I for one, think of it as my daily exercise, mainly because of all the people I have to dodge, all the standing I have to do on every form of transport I encounter, and all the complaining I have to do about it afterwards. So, whilst everyone else in London is enjoying the never-ending heat wave, I have some reservations. Hot weather and London’s public transport system seems to turn even the most rational and logical mind into a crazed animal with fourteen flailing limbs and rather smelly armpits. I have come to the conclusion, therefore, that the ability to make good decisions is left at the office door at 6 o’clock, and waits there patiently for you to return like a small dog left whimpering outside a supermarket.

The Decision Making Process is a huge part of working life, whether you’re doing it on your own or with others, those decisions need to be made. The people around you right now, they make decisions all the time. They might even be doing it right now – look closely, see if you can spot their decision making face, everyone has one. Don’t stare, that’s rude. Now they’re trying to decide why you’re staring at them.

You can reduce the Decision Making Process (or DMP if you’re one of those peeps that like to abbrev. everythin’) into 5 simple steps: Situation, Options, Choose, Act, Evaluate. We do this subconsciously, it’s completely engrained in us to weigh the options before us before we act, and so we can do it in a split second, but not after 6pm. Apparently.  

Think of the Situation, you’re walking onto the platform to get the tube home. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of millions of people. All of you want to get on that train, which, by the way, is already packed. What are your options? Well, you can either attempt to get on the train, or wait for the next one, which will arrive approximately 24 seconds after this one. Choose. Simple Enough, I’m getting on that train, says every commuter on that platform. Act: Push and shove forward (whilst somehow allowing others off the train at the same time) until you get on that train being very careful not to pull the emergency alarm that has somehow ended up under your arm, and with your face buried in some other commuter’s armpit. You’re now stuck like this for your entire journey while more commuters squeeze themselves in, and probably get their heads stuck in the doors.

Evaluate: You’re stuck, sweaty, unhappy. But hey, you got on THAT train, which coincidentally happens to be going in the wrong direction. Go you.

Imagine if you approached your working environment in the same way, and by not weighing up your options for longer than a second, you resign yourself to having to follow through with a judgement made in error by a desire to get somewhere faster. If we all behaved in the office the way we behave on the tube, no decisions would ever really be made because somewhere along that line, we’d realise we’d got on the wrong train and just have to do it all again. Moral of the story? Don’t be a commuter at work. Take your time with your decisions, work with people, not against them, and try your hardest to make sure you get on the right train.

Extra moral of the story. Don’t be a commuter on the Tube either, no one likes it. 


Online Corporate Publications and the Changing Role of the Journalist


Maersk Group launches Digital Edition of Company Magazine: The Maersk Post

Definition 6 has worked with the Maersk Group, the largest container shipping company in the world, to create an online digital Company Magazine. The quarterly publication will feature stories across the various Maersk businesses and employees around the world. Maersk works with a huge amount of external stakeholders and it is vital that they are kept up to date with all activities across the business. It also allows for interested parties to read more about the workings of The Maersk Group and its vital role in shipping oil and gas. The digital publication not only delivers informative articles on the industry itself, it introduces Maersk employees and gives excellent insight into how the Group’s strategies are executed.

This style of corporate publication is a fast growing space, especially when optimised across all devices. Such transparency will serve to protect a First-class image. A vital marketing tool, it can be an influencing factor that will help a company progress and win new business. A corporate publication strengthens customer loyalty, providing information on the industry itself. It also attracts new customers, getting their attention through clarity and thought-leadership. In turn, a digital magazine can be easily shared and will therefore serve to improve your referrals and exposure across digital media. Finally, a corporate publication strengthens customer relations and staff morale. In presenting company information to employees and customers, your magazine presents a solid business story that you are proud to shout about.

Following the above, a digital publication allows for far more than a physical print version. Not only is access measureable thereby presenting a huge amount of useable data, a digital platform also allows for a more interactive, immersive experience with the use of video. Online platforms also allow for personalisation which will inevitably enhance audience experience with targeted stories and relevant story alerts. An experience can be tailored to a user’s preference in the long-run making the information presented far more relevant and desirable.

The new digital edition of the Maersk Post enriches the user experience with plenty of interactive material, such as videos. The digital magazine also allows for sharing across all social media platforms. Many large companies have a legacy of an internal print publication that still has value but as audiences spend more time online, there are boundless new opportunities to present information digitally. Taking the printed version and adding multimedia extensions using an online platform is a simple way of presenting information online. However, in the longer term, organisations could look to more innovative platforms to enable an even better digital experience.

Journalists need to adapt with the Digital Age. All outlets now have the ability to break stories on their websites 24-7. As workers become multi-skilled, journalists need to stop thinking of themselves as specialists; as only a print or broadcast journalist, but as a multi-skilled reporter with the ability to gather information and tell a story. Having the ability to prioritise and develop new skills is absolutely vital in today's online world.

The latest edition of The Maersk Post discusses its policy on security issues. In 2011, thousands of Egyptians protested against the rule of President Hosni Mubarak. As the situation became uncontrollable, the Maersk Group offered employees and their family’s evacuation. Learning by experience, the Group talks about how this shaped their future security strategy.

The Maersk Post is free to browse and download for both desktop and mobile devices, get yours now:


BBC Connected Studio- Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Working with the BBC is regarded as an honour, not only in the UK but across the globe. Being given the chance to collaborate with the largest broadcaster in the world is any agency's dream, trust me.

Connect Studio is a new approach to ensure innovation across BBC Future Media. Producers, developers, digital agencies and designers including Internal BBC Staff are invited to construct innovative solutions to a brief set by the BBC. In creating an open forum, the hope is to optimise BBC digital media products for the future.

Tony and I decided to attend the Connected Studio in Glasgow. Only an hour on a plane and we were there, at the home of the Commonwealth Games 2014. I could sense impending excitement in the air. Other passengers were overheard discussing their ideas, even sporting jackets with ‘2014 Games’ embroidered on them. The city was evidently buzzing in preparation for next year’s events.

We took our seats in the Lighthouse, there wasn’t a single spare seat in the room. In case you didn’t know, there are 54 member states in the Commonwealth, each represented by a single flag hanging from the ceiling. Four criteria were set out in the brief, all focusing on delivering non-sport Commonwealth-related content from the BBC to audiences. The aim was to improve digital offerings and with it, digital media literacy so audiences are inspired to think about their place in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is home to one third of the world’s population. But sadly, most know little about it. The first challenge set out in the brief was to reflect life throughout the Commonwealth and to celebrate the different cultures within it. Another objective was to make audiences across the UK feel part of events happening in Glasgow. The hope is to encourage UK audiences to participate in and share the digital Commonwealth moments during the games. The final objective was to inspire the youth of the Commonwealth and encourage younger audiences to engage with all content.

Bruce Malcolm and Claire White began the day by addressing the crowd and giving us a taste of what the Commonwealth Games meant for the BBC and for Glasgow. They were able to create an air of anticipation and excitement around the games, something that prompted us all to begin thinking creatively as to how we would address the brief. They were followed by other BBC staff, each giving further insight into their specialised genres.

As the ideas began to flow, the room divided into teams. Creative facilitators circulated the room, all offering advice and inspiration. Roaming experts were on hand to listen to ideas and to give honest and valuable feedback. Linda Cockburn talked to the group for half an hour on how to deliver the perfect pitch. She was absolutely excellent, Tony and I both felt incredibly lucky to be given her invaluable advice. One tip I would like to share was to tell a story. Make sure you have a beginning, middle and end. In doing so, your pitch will be clear and concise and will deliver the desired message as efficiently as possible.

We decided to address the Youth of the Commonwealth. There were over thirty pitches at the end of the day. It was such a great experience to listen to so many ideas in one forum, the transparency of all the pitches was really great with each being tweeted on the BBC Connected forum. It is a rare experience to be privy to other pitches; an experience I think was truly valuable. We were able to take away so many great ideas from others. Congratulations to all those that attended. 

BBC Connected Studios was an invaluable experience, one that I truly hope to replicate in the future.


The Power of Universal Communication – Knowing your Audience

Written by Holly Jeffery-Goodall

I am, as I have been told many times, in a rather unique situation. By day, I work in Media Relations in the Definition 6 London office. By night, I live in a convent. It’s only temporary, you understand, but it does give everyone in the office a great deal of amusement to call me a ‘Trainee Nun’.

On a daily basis, I communicate with people I have never met in countries I haven’t yet been to, and in the office too, where a mixture of different cultural habits is continually present and discussed. The workings of the NHS compared to the Portuguese healthcare system is a recent example, with the ways that both cultures view this huge organisation being both informative and, at times, downright hilarious. I have learnt, in the short time that I have been working here, the importance of communication in a business setting, the tailoring of pitches and responses to suit the intended audience.

Recently, I have begun to realise how that affects my ‘home’ life on a similar basis. We tailor our responses to all communication, even unconsciously. You wouldn’t swear in front of an elderly relative or small child, but in front of friends, it’s (mostly) perfectly acceptable. We are constantly learning new methods of communication, depending on the people we meet and the ways in which we engage them.

At home, I have had to prevent myself using the phrase ‘Oh my God!’, but in the office or out with friends, it’s perfectly common. Engaging in regular communication with a nun is at the best of times, a pleasant experience, they are continually positive and really rather lovely. It can be, however, rather strenuous if one doesn’t know what to say. The golden rule with nuns: take it slow, frame your conversation with description and nice things, and don’t make too many references to pop culture. They have, however, heard of One Direction. Unfortunately. 

When speaking with journalists and broadcasters, the opposite is true: Don’t waffle. Make your point, ask as few questions as possible, be professional. These are busy people, they probably don’t want to discuss your love of knitting, and how beautiful the Houses of Parliament look at dusk.

Communication then, is the most useful tool anyone in our industry has in their arsenal. In fact, communication is the most useful tool in the world’s arsenal. Social media allows us to engage with different cultures on different platforms every day, which is incredible. The more personal touches such as communication via phone and in person, allow us to advance our knowledge of communication as an ever changing medium, to engage with more people with confidence, and to tailor our responses to ensure that your messages are always translated cross-culturally in an appropriate and hopefully beneficial way. 


Maersk: First ever Oil Industry computer game

by Richard Armitage 

The Oil Industry: Live from Copenhagen to the World with Maersk and the first ever computer game made by an Oil company – Quest for Oil.

Quest for oil, industry, recruitment,

“Working with the Definition 6 team on the Quest for Oil launch day really made our story fly within the international media” - Anja Anderson Maersk Group Marketing and Branding

Here’s the big question for Oil companies.  How do you solve a long-term recruitment problem facing an industry that is misunderstood and largely closed to the public? The answer from Maersk Group was to create and launch a strategy based video game called Quest for Oil – a game that allows everyone a chance to run their own oil business and learn how the oil industry works for themselves. Perhaps even consider a career in the industry too?

To download your free game and for more information visit

Our role? The Definition 6 team was asked to work with Maersk for the launch to help create widespread international media coverage. We did indeed create a lot of coverage, with help from a generous amount of time granted to us by not one but two CEO’s from the Maersk Group.

Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO of Maersk Drilling and Jakob Thomasen, CEO of Maersk Oil tried their hand at a Satellite Media Tour to launch their new initiative internationally.

While an SMT is a very new format to Danish and other Scandinavian CEOs, it is proving to be a highly impactful, cost effective, efficient use of a CEO’s time on big news days. Check out our work with LEGO CEO Jørgen V Knudstrup:   

How does it work?

International coverage is achieved on this scale by running two parallel processes. Firstly, our team creates a highly targeted Live Media Plan. CEO interviews are mapped to specific regions and demographics across print, broadcast and online media. It is a structured process that involves careful planning to ensure that everyone involved--from the CEO to the production crew and newsroom--is ready on launch day. Going out live on the day perfectly delivers the desired message, visually, editorially and demographically.

From the launch event we enabled Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO of Maersk Drilling and Jakob Thomasen, CEO Maersk Oil to conduct interviews with The BBC, CNBC, Forbes, TheStreet, Fox News Houston, CNBC Arabia, First Business News and Reuters. Be sure to check out the broadcast interviews: 

Secondly, we coordinated a targeted multimedia distribution and media relations campaign to thousands of journalists within a broad range of vertical media.  The techniques we use at Definition 6 allow us to work across broadcast, online, social and print media ensuring that the content we send to media is in the right format for the journalists needs.  You can see the full press kit here:

These two parallel processes allow a multiplier effect. The combined live schedule and distribution of prepared materials creates much more coverage than standalone services; i.e. the sum of the whole is far greater than the individual parts.

Services used: platform, Our US and European Media teams, Media Centre Platform and our signature SMT.